Infrared Ultra-Time Domain (IR-UTD) System: Bridge Decks

  • Detects subsurface damage in concrete
    • Delamination
    • Debonded overlays
    • Subsurface voids
  • Bridge remains open to traffic
    • Non-contact remote sensing
  • Produces accurate plan-view images
    • Extent and location of subsurface damage
    • Determine repair quantities
  • Time-lapse measurements
    • Overcomes limitation of conventional IR
    • Environmental tolerance
  • Reliable, reproducible results

  • Bare concrete bridge decks
  • Concrete and steel decks with overlays
  • Tunnel linings
  • Dams, piers, abutments, walls and soffits
  • Thick film coatings
  • Concrete foundations, chimneys and pillars

Rapid setup on bridges

Key Features
  • Objective, quantitative results
    • Simple to interpret images
    • Highly reproducible
    • 100% coverage of area inspected
  • Portable, simple to operate technology
    • Automated data collection and analysis
    • Easy to interpret results
    • Autonomous / remote operation
    • Mounts on deployable masts, existing structures or other features
  • Minimal impact on operation
    • Non-contact measurements from large distances
    • No traffic control required
  • Environmental tolerance
    • Ambient weather conditions
    • Inside tunnels and buildings
  • Subsurface delamination and voids
  • Debonding of overlays and thick coatings
  • Voids in concrete
  • Structural features of concrete and steel structures

Detect defects through overlays

Measure with live traffic