Infrared Deck and Soffit System (IR-DSS)

The Infrared Deck and Soffit System (IR-DSS) collects spatially referenced infrared (IR) and visual data on a bridge deck to measure subsurface defects. The system creates plan-view images along a deck that are spatially referenced to the stationing on the bridge. Simultaneous IR and visual images are collected with images stacked together to produce one plan-view figure of the deck. The IR-DSS can be installed on a vehicle with a standard trailer hitch. This makes the system very flexible and does not necessitate the use of a special vehicle. The instrument camera head mount allows multiple orientations of the system for measurements, allowing measurement of features other than just bridge decks. The system can be used for soffit inspection and it can also be used to measure tunnels.
  • Bare concrete bridge decks
  • Concrete and steel decks with overlays
  • Tunnel linings
  • Walls and soffits
Key Features
  • Superior to conventional infrared inspection
    • Spatial referenced data
    • Correlated IR and Visual data
  • Easy-to-interpret data presentation
    • Plan view spatial referenced images
  • Deploys on any vehicle with a standard 2-inch hitch
  • Multiple camera head orientations
    • Collect on bridge deck
    • Collect on tunnel walls / other structures
  • Subsurface delamination and voids
  • Debonding of overlays and thick coatings
  • Voids in concrete
Data is presented in an easy-to-interpret format, with a plan view of the bridge deck shown. Very accurate vehicle position information is obtained from an external fifth-wheel encoder, also mounted on the vehicle hitch. The vehicle position information is used to collect frames of IR and visual data and provides precise stationing for defect location.